-The New Reign of Chaos-

"Let chaos fall like a shroud across the lands....."

Name:  Verion
Age:  Timeless
Gender:  Male
Race:  God
Height: Indeterminable
Weight:  Indeterminable
Homeland:  Dividia
Class:  God
Occupation:  God of Chaos
Weapons:  Divine Power
Armor:  Divine Protection
Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral
Synopsis:  Nothing is known of the new god, he is cold, and very to the point, no one has seen his true form, for he is always shrouded in power.  Damion selected him because he knew Verion would get the job done right,  This new god was appointed to take Damion's position and power shortly after Damion's family began to all pass away.  Damion gave Verion all of his posessions and holdings to do with as he pleased, as well as his power and that of his future self, Creon.  With that Damion and Creon faded into the underworld to be reunited with their dead family.