-Beautiful Innocence-

"We go day by day living in the joy of our own personal righteous insanity"

Name: Tarrien Raven

Age: Unknown(Appears 19)

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Daemon

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 134 lbs

HomeLand:  Unknown

Class:  Daemona

Occupation: Unknown

Weapon: Daggers

Weapon Class: Dagger

Armor:  None

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Equipment:dagger belt sewn on the inside of the cloak, contains five regular daggers, 6 multi sized throwing knives, and a dagger that has a blade that erupts into flame upon command History:Life began rather roughly for Tarrien in a place full of violence. At an early age Tarrien learned how to fight and fend for herself. She also knew how to put attributes of her half demon side to good use. Tarrien was adopted by a drow known as Liriel Raven and accepted into the Raven family, she was loved dearly by her sisters, mother, aunts, grandmother and grandfather, and gradually as Tarrien became a bit older some of her family started dying, the rest seemingly vanished. Liriel eventually abandoned Tarrien and the rest of her siblings. As a result of this much rage developed in Tarrien as she ventured by herself, giving her demon side strength it needed to take control of her mind. A kind woman by the name of Raven Weatherleight took Tarrien in as her own and tried to pacify Tarrien’s demonic ways. Of course Tarrien’s favorite childhood pastime was trying and sometimes succeeding at terrorizing everyone that she could. She had made a great many a deal of friends (of which she has to this day) and a fair amount of Enemies. Tarrien had gone through her fair share of hardships and has the battle scars to prove it. Gradually as Tarrien grew up she saw less and less of Raven Weatherleight and only the occasional appearance of an old ‘family’ member. Tarrien grew a bit bitterer everyday, and the older the demon got the more it fought Tarrien for control of the mind until the two finally cooperated. Being semi evil has had its advantages and its disadvantages Being compassionate one moment then heartless the next. Currently she has found shelter and acceptance at the twisted carnival.