-Shadow of the future-

"I will no longer bow under the tyrannical rule of those who will soon cease to exist."

Name: Saydie Lament

Age: Unknown(Appears 19)

Gender: Female

Race: Sirine

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 120 lbs

HomeLand:  Unknown

Class: Shadow Warrior

Occupation: Rightful leader of the Dark Hunters

Weapon: Old Gypsy Dagger

Weapon Class: Dagger

Armor:  None

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Equipment: History:  Her mother and father were both gypsy's that traveled a lot, brought up on a caravan that ultimately destroyed her parents and sister. to make a long story short a few things came up missing and her father (Drake) was blamed for the incident and as a result the family was killed off...only she was taken in by one of the elders and was made to work for them until she was old enough to escape. After she escaped from the tyrannical rule of the caravan she traveled from place to place doing odd jobs until she acquired a small tavern called Enoch, given to her by Naetell Tikan, since she took such pride in the upkeep of it.  Since then she has gone up in the world, winning the rights to the DH guild, by a bet she made with Turgon.