-Beautiful Deception-

"I am the Only Beginning and End"

Name: Loreal Dovalle

Age: Unknown(Appears 30)

Gender: Female

Race: Water Sylph

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 137 lbs

HomeLand:  Unknown

Class:  Seductress

Occupation: Siren

Weapon: None

Armor:  None

Abilities: Phase shifting(gas, liquid, solid)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Equipment: History:  Loreal was created in the beginning, forged of all the dark things opposing the true light force of water, it has been her destiny to undo the creation processes of that which made her.  Her "adoption" into the Chaotic Vengence has built up her want and desire to distroy, not only in the physical plane, but on a mental plane as well.  Her gift to tempt others has been her strongest allie to date, and to this day, she is still a bit unsure as to the rest of the group in CV.  That is, untill she met Leothar........................