-Soul of Deception-

"Look into my eyes and tell me what you see........"

Name: Leothar Veorson

Age: Unknown(Appears 32)

Gender: Male

Race: Gholam

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 186 lbs

Hair:  Jet Black

Eyes:  Steel Grey

HomeLand:  Unknown

Class:  Dark Paladin

Occupation: Death's Avatar

Weapon: Death's Reaper

Weapon Class: Longsword

Armor:  Death's Veil

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


            Death's Reaper:  The longsword forged in the underworld by the best smiths, imbued with the power of the realm.  The blade was a gift to Leothar for his services.  A keen edge that will never dull and a blade that will never see the touch of rust nor will it ever break, Death's Reaper does just as the name implies, it reaps death.  The blade seems to have a life of its own at times, and it it often thought to house the souls of those smiths, seeking revenge on the world above.  On the magnificent blade is etched every known symbol for death.

          Death's Veil:  This full set of armor is the companion to Death's Reaper, working in conjunction with it, offering as much defence as the blade adds offense.  The same thoery applies to the armor, and the wearer may sometimes hear those voices when he dons that great helm.

History: Not much is know about this man, one day he was unheard of, the next he was standing in the courtrooms as a lord.  Much is to be discovered about this mysterious man, if anyone dares get close enough to the cold hearted man whose steely grey eyes unsettle even the most stalward.  Any who would try to read his mind find only an emptiness, yet it is obvious something is amiss, his eyes are just as empty and devoid of all emotion.  He was recently discovered to be the giant Archaen, telling them that it was the full set of Death's Hand armor that changed him into the hulking brute.  He still posessed the same strength and speed, at a lesser degree, but still stood as the mountains, seemingly rooted the the ground, his body seemily as hard as steel.  Pressure points do no tseem to effect this cold monster, and no ammount of force can bowl him over.  The creature is cold and ruthless, seeming to almost enjoy inflicting pain. Due to his undying love of the DH leader Sayne Lament, he was put through many things, eventually giving up his heart and soul to the woman. An immediate change was noticed as he finally raised death's veil to hide his face, as his eyes glazed over and he prepared to dance for death. Though he no longer has his sword, he still has two daggers and his ability to harness light or shadow into solid blades, using with with cold effectiveness to cripple his opponents. Woe be it to any who should cross his path in this state.