-The Dark Protector-

"You want to know what drives a person........it is Love...."
Name:  Kurosion
Race:  Elf / Black Dragon
Age:  Unknown
Sex:  Male
Alignment:  Chaotic Evil
Class:  Guardian
Occupation:  Dark Protector
Homeland:  Shylii Mountains
Height: 6'3"/  47'8"
Weight: 176lbs/  unknown
Mission:  Since the destruction of his brood he has vowed to destroy all humans, not caring who the guilty or innocent are.  After meeting Odrya he took on her cause as his own, to cleanse the earth of all humanity, letting nature start over again.  He lives to protect Odrya, doing everything he can to care for her.
History: CHPT1:  First born of his brood, he had strayed off after a small animel, wandering into a tree just moments before a party of adventurers exploded into the clearing where his mother and the other eggs still slept.  Kuro watched helpless as his mother screamed for him to stay away, watched at the humans slaughtered her in cold blood as she strove to protect the nest.  Following his mother came the other eggs of his brood, the party of butchers smashing each egg and murdering their inhabitants.  Kurosion stayed hidden, frozen by fear.  CHPT2:  Years later he was still being hunted, by the ones like those adventurers, and by his own kind.  He did not understand it, but he understood he must learn to survive in stealth.  One day, while perched over his meal, a beautiful maiden by name of Odrya stumbled upon him.  Something was different about her though, and Kuro watched, helpless as a deer in headlights as she neared slowly.  From that day he was changed, devoting himself to the stranger who has apparently tamed him.  He fought for her with a frightening fervor, his zeal only matched by the love he held for her.  CHPT3:  Soon he noticed his coloring was not quite the same as other black dragons, his protective fervor had altered him in subtle ways, he was the hidden protector, and his coloring had altered to suit him.  For the most part he travels in elven form, though his glowing red eyes often betray his identity to those who know what to look for.  A feral light sparks in those eyes, and when engered, those eyes show the passionate hatred he holds for all life.  He battles his natural instincts to destroy all things great and small, only for his Odrya, knowing how she holds life dear, he is slowly adopting the same reverence for nature.  CHPT4:  (see below)
Known Weapons:  Dragon's Tongue (Broadsword):
 Acid cut edge, reinforced neo-tryne blade 
 Retractable spurs made of neo-tryne
Plasma cannon, max. range 1200 yards
(Both forged by Jasal Redux)/  Natural weapons

Known Armor:  BoneGuard:

Psi Dampeners(cancel all psionics directed at him)
Magic Inhibitors(cancel all magics directed at him)
Forged of Neo-Tryne(By Jasal Redux)
/  Dragon Scales

Known Magics:  Ice and Thunder Magics, General Arcana

Known Innate Abilities: Incredible Speed and Strength, Fire Breath, Acid Breath, Earth Walk

Known Permanent Enchantments: Aura Guard (immune to psionic and magical scans, INVISIBLE BY ALL MEANS SAVE DIRECT VISUAL CONTACT)(By Jasal Redux)

Known Immunities:  Magic(armor), Psionics(armor), Acid(natural), Fire(natural)

Death Toll:
Sailor Cosmos/Eternal Sailor Zodiac
Riddle Box
Super Sailor Venus
Merik Derath
DarkBlade & Jasmine_Blackhawk
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy
Sodeila Starlit
Tony_Smith & Lady Chrysania & Cerridwen
Kyuga no Kage & Kayura
CHPT4:  After the recent death of his beloved Odrya, Kurosion launched into a homocidal rage, carrying out Odrya's plan with a vengeance, slaughtering all he came across, human, non, guilt, innocent, none were safe from his wrath.  His power increased simply by pure rage, the sorrow in his heart translating into his own failure to protect his love.  His eyes now aglow with a dark red light, he seeks out new allies, the ruthless and cruel, to serve his own ends and obliterate all humanity.

Dragon pics copright of Jennifer Reed.

Character and Character concept property of David Mayson.