-Councilor of Chaos-

"Let Chaos Reign......."

Name: Khel'Ahil

Age: Unknown(Appears 26)

Gender: Male

Race: Unknown

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 167 lbs.

HomeLand: Unknown

Class: Necromancer

Occupation: Chaos Councilor

Weapon: Twin Dragon Daggers

WeaponClass: Daggers

Armor: N/A

Abilities: Chaos Reality Manipulation

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Equipment: History:  Khel'Ahil is the chaotic demon councelor that stands at the right hand side of the lord of chaos Damion Trinchan. Once known as Jonathan Kienski, a magi general, Khal was slaughtered by a Akira Shinjo, shortly after her insanity was brought upon her. He was later revived at the hands of the lord of chaos and has since been a faithfull guide and ally, serving his lord as a means to pay back his new found life.