-Fucked Up In Da Head-


Name: Dave Mayson

Age: Unknown(Appears 17-18)

Gender: Male

Race: Who the hell knows?

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 134 lbs

HomeLand:  Provo UT, USA

Class:  Freak

Occupation: Unknown

Weapon: Slicer & Hornet

Weapon Class: Daggers

Armor:  None

Alignment: Chaotic Good


        Slicer:  First real knife, originaly had no edge to it at all untill he took it upon himself to see it sharpened.  The legendary creator of his 32 self-inflicted scars, this is still his weapon of choice.

        Hornet:  Second real knife, still has a poor edge, but a sharp point.  Used for the most part as a menacing weapon, leaving Slicer to do the real damage.

History:  You dun want to know.