-Soul of a True Healer-

"Don't worry, be happy now!"

Name:  Dakal Kolande

Age:  17

Gender:  Male

Race:  Secian

Height:  6"

Weight:  Unknown(too light)

Hair:  Dirty Blonde

Eyes:  Ruby Red

Homeland:  New Secia

Class:  Healer

Occupation:  Priest

Weapon:  None

Armor:  None

Alignment:  Chaotic Good

Synopsis:  Your typical secian, bright, happy, and obsessed with healing, sparklies, and dragons.  The young faerie left his home early in search of the precious gemstones that he loves so much.  The happy little one left home with the robes on his back and a grin on his face. 
      Though raised in New Secia, he was always considered a bit rambunctious, even for a secian, often being found to be quite annoying in his zeal to help.  Oft times too serious for his own good when it comes to the suffering of others, his empathic nature is very strong, even for his kind.  For now he is a wanderer, with no set purpose, but the future has yet to play its hand....