-Hell's Piercing Blade In the Darkness-

Name: Caethron Daemon

Age: 56

Gender: Male

Race: Unkown

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 276 

Class: Rogue

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Weapon: lsaken and Azoin

Weapon Class: Scimitar and Dagger

History: Born in the forest of Isaken he grew up in a small tribe of an unknown race.  As a child he was very  energetic and agile.  The elders had though of him as a perfect warrior for the protection of their tribe so he started training early in his life at the age of fifteen.  10 years into his training a raiding party of about 12 well trained Elvin druid and rangers razed the tribes small village to the ground.  Caethron tried to defend the village as best he could but his years of training was still not enough.  After this he went on to the forests to complete his training by himself.  To this day he still holds a severe grudge against all Elves, rangers, and druids.