-The Walking Death-


Name: Archaen Gholam

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Gholam

Height: 11' 7"

Weight: Unknown.

HomeLand:  Unknown

Class:  Assassin

Occupation: Protector of Death's Avatar

Weapon: Death's Touch

Weapon Class: Great Axe

Armor:  Death's Hand

Abilities: (Read history for all known)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Equipment: History: Created centuries ago and thought lost in the holocaust that followed, one of the last remaining Gholam in existance.  The creatures were feared by even their powerfull creators, for not only were they excellent fighters, but they held another special gift.  The creatures could move under doors and through the smallest of openings, they moves as if they had no bones, striking like lightning, fast and repetetive, their awesome strength soon domintating all that sttod in their way.  But that was not what scared their masters most.  Any and all magics, psionics, arcane, anything that was sent at them, simply vanished as if it did not exist.  The only things seeming to harm them were medallions that could do the same thing, having adverse reactions to each other, the gholam would suffer hideous burns that could never heal.  Alas there were only five of the medallions to begins with, and all save one were lost in the holocaust.  That one is held by his current master, the avatar of Death.  Archaen was recently sent out with his mistress to protect her, now waiting for his mistress to arrive, he stands watch like a massive sentinel.