-Slave of Chaos-

"You serve your master..........I serve Chaos......."

Name: Anah'ka Darkeshyre

Age: Unknown(Appears 23)

Gender: Female

Race: Daemon

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 103 lbs

HomeLand:  Unknown

Class:  Assassin

Occupation: Slave

Weapon: Chrysalis

Weapon Class: Glass Dagger

Armor:  Leather Armor

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


            Chrysalis:  glass dagger, deadly, and virtually undetected when used on an opponent, the glass blade slides through one's flesh like a razor through smooth silk.

History:Once the beautiful daughter of a powerful lord, Anah'ka was given to a man to be his wife to seal a pact between the two men. She became wild and unruly, after having been forced into his world of dark magic and sadism. While in this world of the strange and demented, she learned various arts of torture, murder, and pain endurance, which she used to kill her husband and flee from her prison. She came across the strange carnival on the outskirts of the town, where she met Archean Gholam. He took her in, took care of her, and eventually gave her as a gift to Khel'ahil. She now serves Khel, whether it be assassination, or submitting to his occasional whims of torture and dark magic.