Name:  Delion Faelin Maelstrom
Age:  Unknown
Gender:  Male
Race:  BioTek Altered Garou
Height:  6' 3"
Weight:  195 lbs
Homeland:  Trinchan Estate
Class:  Assassin
Occupation:  Chaos Hound
Weapons:  Arm Mounted Vulcan Cannon, 
Chaos Daggers, Coldfire
Weapon Class:  Rapid-Fire Gun,Dagger
Armor:  None
Alignment:  Chaotic Good
          Chaos Daggers:  Nothing is known about these daggers other than the fact that they seem to be a living substance.

          Vulcan Cannon:  Nothing special yet, can change to any kind of ammo at a moments notice.

          Coldfire:  The legendary coldfire, the living matter that is the stuff of pure death.  If seen at a microscopic level, it is a mass of "larvae".  from a distance it it only the blue flame.  the flames destroy all heat, crystalizing flesh, metal, rock, etc, on contact.

Synopsis:  Forbidden Access