Name:  Archon
Age:  Variable
Gender:  Variable
Race:  Archon
Height:  Variable
Weight:  Variable
Homeland:  Chaos Realm
Class:  Variable
Weapons:  Variable
Armor:  Variable
Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral
Synopsis:  Archons are beings of pure chaos energy, who's weakness has yet to be discovered.  They are the chaotic souls of various fallen people, brought back to this realm by Onikageboushi and Hokushin Trinchan.  Though at first they were to kill their lord father, Damion Trinchan, he quickly reprogrammed them to obey him and only him, resetting their programming to lock everyone else out before giving them their own sentience.  Long lost in the Enchanted Forest, they multiplied rapidly, soon taking over the woods.  Through a cruel trick, Hidoshi trapped the archons in the underworld once more, suppressing their chaotic essence so they could do nothing of use.  Recently Released by a deal with Leothar Veorson and Calypso, they are now under absolute control of the Twisted Carnival, the contract absolute and binding.  The exact number of archons in existence is unknown as they are constantly multiplying, but the standing army comes to the grand total of 35,000.  These soldiers are far superior to anything faced in Divida, easily surpassing most other humanoid races.  Since these souls are already dead, it is not so easy to kill them in battle, as they soon come back from the underworld to fight again for their dark lord.  Little is known about their structure, other than the fact that they are composed of pure chaos energy, dispersing or sometimes adversely reacting to any other energy brought to bear on it, and tearing apart all physical matter with its touch.  The archons are indeed a lethal foe, for there is nothing known of any of their weaknesses.